Who We Help

Caleb's Cause, Inc. was established to provide assistance to amputees and wounded veterans. Some of the ways we help include covering the cost of physical therapy visits, providing ways to improve mobility and quality of life, and purchasing prostheses for those who can't afford them. Below are some of the people we have been able to help.
  1. Covering Therapy Costs
    Covering Therapy Costs
    One of the ways Caleb's Cause assists amputees is by helping to cover the cost of therapy visits. Therapy is usually a necessity for those who have lost limbs, especially later in life, but insurance doesn't always cover the required visits. Here, Caleb's Cause is helping to pay for additional therapy visits for Jessica Powell, a double amputee who had both legs amputated when she was in her early 20s.
  2. Covering Therapy Costs
    Covering Therapy Costs
    Caleb enjoyed getting to meet Jessica, and make a new friend. He always has fun seeing other people with a "leggy" just like him.
  3. Improving Quality of Life
    Improving Quality of Life
    Caleb's Cause is also dedicated to providing quality of life to amputees. In 2016 Caleb's Cause had the opportunity to present Tom with a new mower, which allowed him to be able to get back to doing something he loved. After Tom lost his leg in an accident, his temporary prosthesis wouldn't allow him to mow his yard--something he loved to do. He would not only mow his yard, but also his children's and friends. With the help of our supporters, we were able to give Tom back some of his freedom and improve his quality of life.
  4. Providing Prosthetics
    Providing Prosthetics
    One of the biggest and most impactful ways Caleb's Cause helps amputees is by providing prosthetics for those who can't afford them, or whose insurance doesn't cover them. Here, Ms. Gonzalez is beginning the process of being fitted for her very first prosthesis. Thanks to the help of Caleb's Cause and it's supporters, she will gain back a part of her life that was taken, the ability to walk.
Assisting Veterans

Mr. Seabolt uses his new lift to be able to get to his Dr.'s appointment. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to provide life-changing equipment to those who need it.
Providing Mobility

Ms. Gonzalez tries out her temporary prosthesis and takes her first steps since having amputation surgery. Providing mobility to amputees is just one of the many ways Caleb's Cause is able to give back.